Tuesday, May 10
10:30-11:00       Tea and Coffee
11:00-11:30       Nathaniel Daw – Model-based/model-free interactions and drug seeking
11:30-12:00       Mark Bouton – Contextual control of instrumental behavior and its inhibition
12:00-12:30       Mehdi Keramati – Cocaine addiction as a homeostatic reinforcement learning disorder
12:30-13:00       Discussion led by Peter Dayan
13:00-14:30       Lunch
14:30-15:00       Rita Goldstein – Role of the mPFC in extinction, risk-taking and awareness in cocaine addiction: fMRI studies
15:00-15:30       Daphna Shohamy – Memory, value and choice in the human brain
15:30-16:00       Tea and Coffee
16:00-16:30       Jane Taylor – Parsing decision-making vulnerability factors for addiction from drug-induced dysfunction with rat models
16:30-17:00       Andy Holmes – Parallel and competitive contributions of dorsal striatal systems to reward learning
17:00-17:30       Discussion led by Quentin Huys

Wednesday, May 11
09:00-09:30       Tea and coffee
09:30-10:00       Cate Hartley – Neurocognitive development of model-based learning
10:00-10:30       Aldo Badiani – Cocaine versus heroin reward: two peas in two pods. Implications for drug addiction theories
10:30-11:00       Tea and Coffee
11:00-11:30       Rita Fuchs – Memory Reconsolidation – An Adaptive Brain Function that Facilitates Drug Addiction
11:30-12:00       Yavin Shaham – Incubation of drug craving after prolonged voluntary abstinence
12:00-12:30       Discussion led by Yael Niv
12:30-14:00       Lunch
14:00-14:30       Shelly Flagel – Elucidating the neural circuitry underlying individual differences in response to reward-associated cues
14:30-15:00       Donna Calu – Behavioral Insights from Incentive Learning; Addiction, Cognitive Strategy, and the Brain
15:00-15:30       Mehdi Khamassi – A computational account of the role of dopamine in model-free learning and exploration modulation
15:30-16:00      Tea and Coffee
16:00-16:30      Susan Ferguson – The ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of the striatum: Mapping the neural circuits of addiction
16:30-17:00      Gina Carelli – Dynamics of mesolimbic signaling in cocaine addiction
17:00-17:30      Discussion led by Zebulun Kurth-Nelson
18:00                Dinner

Thursday, May 12
09:00-09:30       Tea and coffee
09:30-10:00       Christina Gremel – The role of the OFC in updating action outcome value.
10:00-10:30       Catharine Winstanley – Betting against best interests: is there synergy between poor decision-making under uncertainty and addiction outcomes?
10:30-11:00       Tea and Coffee
11:00-11:30       Jamie Roitman – Long-term consequences of adolescent substance use on prefrontal function and choices
11:30-12:00       David Redish – Making supposedly irrelevant economic factors highly relevant in addiction: implications of the multiple decision-making system for addiction and treatment
12:00-12:30       Discussion led by Geoff Schoenbaum